Ability Plus Therapy | The Womanizer – A revolutions for Women
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The Womanizer – A revolutions for Women

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The Womanizer – A revolutions for Women

If stimulation by vibration or vaginal penetration was previously highly promoted, a revolutionary method has now appeared with the Womanizer. This innovative sex toy uses the suction method to stimulate the clitoris. It is very popular with its users. Nevertheless, some women still have questions about this sex toy.

The history of female vibrators

Electric vibrators were created more than 100 years ago to treat women with hysteria or female nymphomania. However, morals have changed. This device was gradually diverted to become a sex toy. Women enjoy using it because it makes it easier for them to reach orgasm, even without a partner. Since then, a variety of other sexual objects have emerged, including dildos, dildos, and many new sex toys. The shapes, materials, and colors are diversified in the trade. However, their mode of operation remains the same. Stimulation is performed by vaginal penetration or vibration. The Womanizer is a unique model that benefits from revolutionary technology and works by non-contact stimulation. How does Womanizer work?

The Womanizer performs the stimulation using a suction method. This device has a hollow mouth made of hypoallergenic silicone. Once placed in front of the clitoris, it sucks in a while, projecting 360° waves. This action leads to an inner bubbling, which will lead to orgasm. Indeed, the clitoris visible on the outside is only a part of it, and it extends inside. The Womanizer thus touches the entire erogenous zone by aspiration and pulsating wave emission. Its use is recommended for single use. Nevertheless, if the woman wants to share the pleasure with her partner, she can still give him this sex toy and let him take care of the stimulation.

The results after the test

The Womanizer is ideal for women who do not appreciate the repetitive stimulation of their clitoris. Indeed, it puts an end to the strong anesthetic vibrations of the clitoris.

To ensure satisfactory results, the device was tested by 50 women between the ages of 20 and 60. 73% of them reported having had multiple orgasms. 76% reported having experienced “exceptionally intense orgasms.” 100% of the participants find this device “absolutely unique.” Since its introduction into the market, the Womanizer Premium has been the most successful model for women at the moment. It is also appreciated for its small size. You can take it anywhere with you. Its lights are activated in the dark, and its 2 head sizes to choose from allow it to adapt to all situations. If you want to test this device, it is available on the Passage of Desire website. Besides, many other models are offered by the brand.

How to use the sex toy?

The use of the Womanizer is quite simple. Once you have found the ideal position, you then have to activate the “on” button and adjust the device according to the intensity level that suits you. This type of sex toy can be used alone or in pairs. Nevertheless, tests show that the woman is best placed to find the ideal position to experience the best sensations. To enjoy this appliance in the best conditions, it is recommended to always wash it before and after use. Thanks to its removable tips, this sex toy is easy to clean.

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